[Intensive 3-Hour Masterclass]

SCALING With Virtual Assistants

How to Hire & Manage Rockstar VAs

The Surest Way To Maximize Your Operational Leverage 
While Maintaining Minimal Overhead

Included Inside This Intensive 3-Hour Masterclass:
  • The Complete Hiring Framework - How To Vet VAs For Skill, Culture, And Competence To Find Your Next Dream Hire With Confidence.…
  • The Most Effective Onboarding And Managing Strategies For Getting The Most Out Of Your VAs…
  • The Best Payment Structure To Ensure Consistency, Reliability, And Proactivity Without Overpaying…
  • SOPs And Reporting Structure - Establish Weekly And Daily Reports For Complete Insight Into Your Team’s Work…
  • Build A Rockstar Team Culture - So That Your VAs WANT To Be Collaborative Instead Of Competitive…
  • Plus Dozens Of “Insider Tips” On Working With VAs - Including Data Security Protocols, Preventing Slack Overload, Managing Time Zones And Language Barriers, And Much More…
The key to healthy scaling is Operational Leverage.
Operational leverage is getting things done that you do not have to do.

Most consultants and owners know this, but there are two challenges to solve for: 

First, let’s talk about hiring.

Letting go of control requires a degree of trust. In this case, it’s the trust that your investment will result in appropriate yield.   

When hiring, there is a lag between input and output - you have to put in time and energy to source, filter, select, and then train every hire.

If it turns out to be a wrong hire, you’ve just wasted 20-30 hours in opportunity cost.

Next challenge is managing.

Even if you gain a competent hire, you need to know how to properly manage the relationship for it to be mutually beneficial.

This requires setting the right expectations, installing an effective payment structure, and establishing a proper work structure.

If done incorrectly, you’ll either:
  • Resent your VA and stew in silent frustration
  • Lose trust in your VA and start taking on the work yourself
  • Fire your VA and waste weeks (or even months) of effort
So how do you solve this?
Enter Kathy...
Kathy is our Head Of Support and she has built VA armies in all of my businesses (plus many other 7-8 figure brands).

There’s only a handful of people in the world who can match Kathy in her knowledge of building and managing an elite VA team.

She recently did an intensive 3-hour training for our private MDC clients on how to hire and manage rockstar VAs for a scaling consultancy.

It covered everything from:
  • How she selects them…
  • How she places them…
  • How she onboards them…
  • ​How she trains them to handle responsibilities…
  • ​How she builds positive relationships with them…
If you’re a business owner looking to scale, this is one of the most impactful scaling tactics I can offer you.
With just one international VA hire (for $4/hr), you can duplicate yourself multiple times over… without having to go red on overhead. 

We’ve all heard of the concept “working in your business vs. working on your business”... 

But that can be tough when you’re in the trenches - it’s hard to let go.

We tend to think that letting go of control means also letting go of quality. That is not the case. 

With proper systems, processes, and philosophy - you do not need to sacrifice your standards to gain back your time.

That’s what this training will show you how to do.

What’s Included In The Intensive 3-Hour Masterclass:

SCALING With Virtual Assistants

This is not just 3 hours of monologue.

This was an interactive session where private MDC clients asked questions intimately relevant to their business:
  • Do I pay monthly or bi-weekly?
  • Should I hire part-time or full-time? Or should it be project-based?
  • Should I assign the tasks in 30-minute chunks or brain dump all the projects at once?
  • ​How do I handle a VA who tells me they are “overwhelmed”?
  • ​How do I know if they are lying in the interview about their skills? And how do I vet them out?
  • ​How do I handle holidays? Especially if their holidays differ from US holidays?
  • ​How do I know if they will be a good culture fit?
  • ​What do I do if I don’t have enough work to give them?
  • ​How often should I check-in with their work?
  • ​What should I do if they “blow up” Slack?
  • ​And many more…
The clients on the call paid an extensive entry fee to join MDC.

This is because they understand the value of downloading information and lessons from experts and masters who have already made the mistakes for them.

You won’t need to pay a fraction of that today.
You Can Gain Access To This Masterclass For A Ridiculously Low Investment Of


And as with all of our products - you are protected by a 60-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

That means even if I’m sitting on my couch watching the Nuggets win the NBA finals - and you request a refund - I’ll make sure you get your money back.

And just a warning - if you actually implement this material, you might become addicted to hiring VAs from all the free time and space you’ll attain.

If you’re not afraid of that, you can grab you copy here.
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