For legitimate consultants, experts & practitioners:

Legitimate consultants, experts & practitioners:

How To Build Your Business Without Burning Out

Don’t Scale Yourself Out of Business

Don’t Scale Yourself
Out of Business

Get My Amazon Best-Selling "Open Source" Playbook with 15 Tested & Proven Models for Scaling 7 and 8-Figure Expert Businesses

Get My Amazon Best-Selling "Open Source" Playbook with Over a Dozen Models for Scaling 7 and 8-Figure Expert Businesses

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Reflex Selling System

Praise for Taylor and The Wealthy Consultant!

"If you want to give yourself a time machine to shortcut the learning curve, you need to get yourself a copy of this book. So many expensive lessons given to you on a silver platter."

Josh Harris

CEO, A.I Sales Systems

"Taylor is one of the smartest guys I know... I highly recommend you read and watch everything he puts out."

Pete Vargas

CEO, Advance Your Reach

"Taylor Welch is a rare breed - a perfect blend of genius yet grounded, tough yet compassionate, and aspirational yet raw... Pay attention, he's one to watch."

Bijal Patel

Founder & CEO, LAUNCH

My Name is Taylor Welch...

If you’re interested in growing or scaling your company, I’ve personally scaled more than I can count. I was trained by Jay Abraham, and the way I think is going to positively impact you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. 

If you keep reading, you’ll see what I mean.

Right now I’m prepared to part ways with a significant portion of my intellectual property designed for your small business – and before you ask: nope… not interested in charging you an arm and a leg or making you jump through a dozen hoops to prove you’re “ready” or “worthy” of me. 

Save your money, that’s for the gurus…

I’m just a business owner who likes teaching what I do.

Like Elon “open sourcing” the Tesla playbook, or Einstein “open sourcing” his theory of relativity — I’m now open sourcing one of my playbooks that has allowed me to scale businesses so successfully (and consistently).

Why Would I Do That?
There are Three Reasons...

First, I am not afraid of other people winning.

First, I am not afraid of other people winning.

 I don’t believe that sharing my lessons with you makes it harder for me to win. We can both win together. The “zero sum” game is a cancerous mentality that needs to be eliminated from the internet.

Second, I have personally felt the effects of building something I did not enjoy.

Second, I have personally felt the effects of building something I did not enjoy.

It will slowly, painfully, consistently wear you down and burn you out. A lot of consultants, teachers, educators, trainers & coaches are feeling the burn out right now. It’s because your model is all wrong. I will do whatever I can to prevent you from the inevitable decline that comes from a bad model. 

The answer is not to quit & go out of business, but to build a better business.

Third, part of my work today involves legitimate advisory & consulting for business owners who want to scale correctly.

Third, part of my work today involves legitimate advisory & consulting for business owners who want to scale correctly.

YES, there is a healthy way and a dangerous way to scale. You can scale yourself right off a cliff into bankruptcy if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can also scale yourself into a form of “mental bankruptcy,” where your life loses its most important qualities. You can make money and hate your life doing it – this is not ideal. All things that grow quickly must be managed properly to offset the risk of speed. 

It is my hope that you will get this book, read this book, and become undisputedly richer, wealthier & happier because of it all on your own.

Some of you, though, are after certainty. Whenever I want to pick up a new skill, I find the smartest person I know who has mastered it and pay them to guide me. If you think about it, this is actually the oldest and truest way to learn. Apprenticeship has been going on since the beginning of time. 

If you want to become a blacksmith, apprentice under the blacksmith. If you want to become a hunter, go train with the hunter. 

In business, the skills required are infinitely more complex and yet people all the time attempt to master them solo. If you ask me, this “solo” mentality is more risky than just paying a legitimate professional and learning directly from them – but alas, I am getting distracted.

The point is – I’ve released this book for several reasons, as explained above, and one of those reasons is because people will read the book, realize the legitimacy of my methods, and hire my firm to help them actually implement everything.

You don’t need to do that. There are no strings attached or weird hoops to jump through. The book is thoroughly valuable with or without additional help.

Pound for pound, I want the ‘yield per word’ on this little book to dwarf anything you’ve ever read.

That means I can’t waste time on stories, anecdotal hypotheticals or untested theories. This book is hardcore, and it’s fast. You can read the entire thing in a weekend. But be forewarned, the first read is just the beginning… after you’ve read it once, your real work begins. 

You will want to read this and then re-read it. Then you will want to implement it, piece by piece. If you do, it will thoroughly and irreversibly change the way you run your business online. Don’t buy this book if you’re looking for screenshots of Facebook ad accounts. I don’t sully myself with anything in the weeds. My job is to create million-dollar consultants the way the Federal Reserve prints fiat currency dollars. It’s not my job to be eloquent or cute – I’m interested in showing you how the real work is done and that starts in the mind and the strategy.

VERY QUICKLY – let me tell you what I’ve done and why you might want to listen. This will be short, fast & to the point just like the book.

In 2015 I started what became the biggest consultancy in the marketing space…

When I say “biggest consultancy,” I mean big — very big.

  • 700,000 sales calls
  • 500+ employees
  • ​100,000+ paying students
  • ​4,000+ clients

We did training, coaching, staffing, events, the whole kit and caboodle. 

From this data set, I began to put together models & frameworks. Some clients did exponentially better than others – so I started studying what made them different. It wasn’t their intellect or their markets. It was something completely different and honestly it had nothing to do with their work ethic either. 

It was by & large a difference in their mentality with exploring new things, being open to new information, and taking the way their minds worked seriously. That’s all I’m going to say about it and about me for that matter.

Frankly, I don't
matter that much.

If you’re not sure and want to keep puttering around, do that. More power to ya.

I don’t care… I just want you to know that the risk here has been minimized and that I’ll do anything I can to move you forward.

Praise for the Wealthy Consultant!

Oh Yeah... And Bonuses. There are Bonuses too...

When you purchase on Amazon and drop your info into the form on this page, you'll instantly unlock 3 inherently valuable bonuses, designed to compliment and even enhance what you'll learn in the book.


Bulletproof Business Principles

This year we hosted an exclusive international event with our team and some of our top clients in London. To close out the event, I decided to do one of the most impactful (and vulnerable) trainings I've ever done on building a RESILIENT business. This 2-part masterclass covers:

  • The importance of eliminating the "asymmetry" of success - keeping a healthy balance between the risks of loss and failure vs. the risks of success
  • Autophagy and Mithridatism - they aren't just two fancy words... they play a massive role in your ability to grow your business in the midst of adversity
  • Why some of the greatest mentors you'll ever have in life and business are the problems you face - and why you should appreciate them, not run from them
  • ​​Is artificially suppressing volatility actually hurting your business? Probably. Get key insights into how to reverse it.
  • ​Aggressive testing and the philosophy of "micro-failures" as a means of strengthening your offers
  • ​Risk prevention vs. Risk mitigation - one is hurting you, one is keeping you in balance
  • ​Gratitude as a weapon against high performance anxiety
  • ​Plus, TONS more...


Behavioral Optimization

As you dig into this book, you'll probably notice that every model in the book won't save you if you can't SELL your offer. And selling your offer starts with building what I call "Closer DNA" - the mentality of the top 1% of sales masters. Most of the sales gurus in the space will teach you the frameworks (the scripts, the objection handling, and the tactics), but won't teach you the psychology behind those frameworks.

I know because I trained most of them. And I also designed those frameworks.

I created Behavioral Optimization to help teach sales people how to tune their thinking and their approach, which is far more valuable than any script on the planet.


Reflex Selling System

You didn't think I was just going to give you the psychology and the tools to train your mind without showing you how to put them to good use, right?

If you want to sell your offer with absolute confidence, Reflex Selling System is my premiere sales training designed specifically to help entrepreneurs gain complete mastery over their sales process and close more deals with less headaches.

Remember earlier when I mentioned that we had 700,000+ sales calls in my prior business? Every single one of my sales pros was trained in this system. And it was effective. Extremely effective.

Now you get to install this system in your business - for FREE as part of your book purchase.

Listen, the Choice is Yours...

I'm not interested in twisting your arm here.

If you've got more questions about the book, call this number and a member of my team will answer whatever questions you have.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book.

P.S. - If you buy the book, there will be an opportunity on the next page to get one of my most valuable trainings on crafting 7 and 8-figure "Flagship Offers." It's $1,000 - so be prepared for that. If you're not interested, no pressure.

P.P.S. - Table of contents in case you want to read
what you’re about to read:

P.P.S. - Table of contents in case
you want to read what you’re
about to read:

  • How to turn defeat (a liability) into success (an asset), from the founder of the hit comic series, Wonder Woman - pg 10
  • The cost of bad business models, and how to recognize them when you see them - pg 11
  • Some businesses grow in recessions, others don’t (here’s the difference and how I learned the hard way) - pg 13
  • ​Most consultants & gurus aren’t drinking their own medicine - the proof? They don’t follow what they teach. Here’s why - pg 14
  • ​A good business is a business that makes plenty of money, right? False. This is not the barometer to rate your business success on… the better metric is enterprise value, which can only be created with a few predictable methods - pg 20
  • ​The correction definition of scale, why it matters, and how to avoid scaling “out of control” - pg 19
  • ​Is competition a good trait to have as a business owner? Yes and no. The only way to stay safe is through moats that protect your business from incumbents and offer better advantages to your clients. Here’s how to build moats - pg 22
  • ​The 3 infallible laws of leverage, and how to use them for predictable business growth - pg 23
  • ​An underrated currency that will supercharge your client acquisition efforts (use this slowly, and safely - and never violate your constraints, which we’ll talk about as well in this section) - pg 25
  • ​How to prevent running out of cash as you scale - pg 27
  • ​How much information should you publish for free? Some say everything, some say nothing. I have a model for it, shared in the book - pg 33
  • ​A simple way to make your products, programs, etc more expensive without feeling like they’re more expensive - pg 34
  • ​Removing yourself as a bottleneck in your business - pg 37
  • ​How to keep your business from going under as you remove yourself from your business - pg 38
  • ​The only 4 jobs you have as a founder, CEO or owner of your business (as it relates to people) - pg 39
  • ​The business metric Google uses to monitor whether they are understaffed or overstaffed - pg 40
  • ​Culture is made up of three things - and they’re all within your control - pg. 42
  • ​The 4 models of creating “surplus attention” - how to create unharvested yield and unbeatable good will in the market - pg. 45
  • ​Expediency kills scale - why you never chase speed at the price of certainty - pg. 51
  • ​MQL, PQL, and SQL - the lead scoring system and process business owners need to understand for proper scale - pg. 55
  • ​The 4 Monetization Models, which one to use first, and how to stack models and create a flywheel effect - pg. 62
  • ​How to scale fulfillment without bloating your overhead - the 3 “rails” required to build a healthy operational infrastructure - pg. 80
  • ​Fractionalize customization to maximize client satisfaction in the “experience economy” - pg. 83
  • ​The 4 phases of a successful consultancy (and how to know which phase you are in - self-audit included) pg. 87

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