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Live 2-day virtual summit - Streaming from Beaver Creek, Colorado
February 15-16, 2024

We are only opening this up to 30 people. No more. Once we hit our cap, this page will disappear.
Have you ever set a big target in your business?
It's a helluva drug.

You write it down, do the math, get excited — and with a renewed sense of energy you begin to work. Then somewhere along the way, you get pulled in all the different directions.
  • Fires need to be put out
  • Clients refund
  • People quit
Pretty soon, your excitement turns to overwhelm. 

I have been there. And I have good news and bad news.


If you fool around for too long without breaking this cycle, you will fail as an entrepreneur and you know that. You can sense it, even if you don’t want to “go there” mentally, you know what’s on the other side of burnout.


the “fix,” is not that difficult. You need a collection of simple systems that work together to do three things:




A great team replicates you and eliminates tasks from your list that do not deserve to be there. Great systems create instant leverage. As you’re removed from work that drains you, energy flows into things that make the business more money. And the more profit you can produce from your business, the higher yield you will get from better team and better systems. 

There are predictable systems & models that can be installed into your business to take away the guesswork and eliminate the overwhelm. If you’re an entrepreneur reading this, I know you’ve probably got your guard up. 

Let’s talk about that.
I get to go skiing in a beautiful mountain town whether you decide to invest into yourself & your business or not. I’m not hurting to figure out how to pay for it, either.

Nothing about this is “cookie-cutter.” 

To participate in this event, we will collect survey responses & a private personality profiles from you so we can customize the training around your unique set of traits and team size. 

My team is prepared to distill world class lessons, models, tools & systems for you that have been created from a sample size of 1,000+ clients, a dozen different unique industry verticals, and 9-figures in revenue. Your business does not need to look or feel complicated — it just needs to WORK. 
Speaking of work - here are some of the nitty gritty details for your attendance:
  • All sessions will be over private Zoom - there will be a live chat (with a moderator) and you will have the ability to put in questions that you'd like to have answered during Q&A segments.
  • Day 1 (February 15) - Sessions will kick off at 10 a.m. CST (9 a.m. MST) and end at 6 p.m. CST (5 p.m. MST). There will be a lunch break and two smaller networking breaks.
  • ​Day 2 (February 16) - Sessions will kick off at 10:30 a.m. CST (9:30 MST) and end at 5:30 p.m. CST (4:30 p.m. MST). As with Day 1, there will be a lunch break and two networking breaks.
You will leave this event with a playbook.

A playbook that will tell you...

  • When to work and when to not: my productivity frameworks integrate into business management seamlessly — you will know when to push, when to recover, and how to build a weekly “map” that helps you run your life with peak leverage
  • How to set, manage, and execute financial goals: we used to call this “projections” but now, our financial systems run off models; you will know when to raise, lower, or change pace so that you hit your goals perfectly
  • ​PEOPLE: who to hire, how to hire, when to fire; management, P&Ls, team building & culture — it’s all here
  • Partnerships, negotiation, and compensation: when to use partners and outside resources versus hiring in-house, and (more importantly) how to secure them for minimal downside and maximum upside
  • Project management: having a great team means nothing if you cannot utilize everyone’s unique strengths properly; we’ve developed world-class project management systems and frameworks, you will clone them at this event during one of the sessions

Before we go on... hear me on this.

Before we go on... 
hear me on this.

If you've read this far down the page and you aren’t sold on this yet, it means you are not a good fit. I repeat: you are not a good fit.

That is, in no way, a dig at you. It is simply a statement of fact.

I would rather you not waste your time or mine, and I certainly don't want you to take a spot from someone else. I want to train for 2 days with serious business owners who are interested in becoming leaders in their industry.

We're limiting this to only 30 more people. MAX.

Here's why...

One of the perks of being on an event with someone like me, or the speakers I’ve lined up for you — is customized content. Hot seats, direct Q&A, and practical applications for your specific business.

To make sure that we stay true to that, we are tightening up the parameters as much as we can on how many people we allow to be a part of this.

SPECIAL BONUS: Just for Virtual Attendees

When your purchase your virtual ticket now, I'm actually letting the team give you access to something that we have never given away before...

I've instructed my team to dig into our high-level mastermind curriculum, and carve out one of the most popular (and most impactful) modules for designing organizational structures for MASSIVE scale.

It's called The Codex. You may have heard me reference it in our content, organic posts, or even a brief reference inside my book, The Wealthy Consultant.

But only our highest level of clients, insider our flagship Chamber mastermind, have ever been able to actually access the training materials around it.

This brief, yet impactful training covers a framework for organizing any business' growth around traffic, demonstration assets, and monetization pathways.

It's hard for me to even put a price tag around the video training content, and customizable Codex templates you'll receive.

We've never sold it as a standalone product, and the value that our client have gotten from it is worth many multiples above what we would probably charge for it.

But you get it for FREE as part of your ticket purchase, as long as you are one of the lucky 30 people who get this offer before I take it offline.

Two Ways to Attend

Attend Virtually

(In-Person Tickets No Longer Available)

Join Us Virtually


  • Access to all sessions via Zoom
  • ​All presentation slides, worksheets and other materials
  • Event recordings afterward
  • ​BONUS: The Codex curriculum and templates - the exact framework we teach clients inside of our high-level masterminds to help them organize their business for scale at every stage.

Join Us In Person


  • A seat in the room for all sessions
  • ​All presentation slides, worksheets and other materials
  • ​Breakfast and Lunch for both days
  • ​Private mixer with our team and our clients
  • ​Access to speakers, as well as our Wealthy Consultant Team
  • ​Event recordings
  • ​Plus, ya know, a winter vacation in the mountains at one of the country's coolest ski resorts
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